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Deepen Your Practice
Advanced Studies Program /
Yoga Teacher's Training

Yoga Teacher's Training
with Brigitte Snyder and Martin Doluz
June to August 2011
Receive Yoga Alliance RYT-200 Status
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Brigitte Snyder’s (E-RYT-500hrs) love of yoga began in 1990 after the blissful experience of her first savasana in a class taught by Brian Kest.   Living in Los Angeles at the time, she was introduced to meditation in 1992 through the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda and studied yoga with one of his devotees daily for over two years.  This time took her deep into the subtle vibrations of the asanas and transformed her physical body.  Over the years she has sought out a diverse range of training, studying with master teachers including Manouso Manos, Shiva Rea, Eric Shiffmann, Mary Dunn and Ramanan Patel.  In 1999, she met Rodney Yee who ignited her passion in a new way for the nuances and poetry of the body.  She continues training with Rodney and assists him in his nationwide conferences.  In 2005, Brigitte had the privilege of studying with B.K.S. Iyengar in Estes Park, Colorado and was blown away by the masterful teachings of this great yogi.  She has received over 300 hours of Iyengar training and has a deep respect for this lineage.  She is currently participating in an Anusara Immersion program and enjoying the gifts of this tradition.

Brigitte’s classes are a joyful journey, sharing the fluidness and creativity of vinyasa with the precision and alignment awakened by Iyengar.  As a student coming to class you can truly feel her attention to you as an individual, offering manual adjustments that deepen the understanding of the poses and nurturing guidance that takes you into the infinite energies of the breath and body.  Since 2002, Brigitte has shared her in-depth understanding and strong technique based awareness in workshops and teacher’s training programs, bringing students to new levels in their practice.   She is the director of Aloha Yoga Kula’s Teacher’s Training/Advanced Studies Program.

“Brigitte’s love of meditation and ability to stay connected to the deeper states of the breath become a contagious experience to those instructed by her, revealing and bringing about the true meaning of yoga.  Although her classes include great technique and detailed assistance in the physical postures, it goes beyond that, making the yoga process an inspiring, healing and blissful delight!”  -  yoga mentor

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